Friday, December 31, 2010

The sun. Big puffy clouds. To the rig! Camera in tow.

A gate was open, so I took advantage. My approach interrupted a gathering of crows.

The clouds on the north horizon were gathering in some interesting ways, so I drove on in that direction hoping that they would provide some interesting backgrounds for photos, but they quickly dispersed, so I hung a right on to Coon Hollow Road.
 I love this drive, this road. After three years I have a pretty good idea of the lay and notice changes.

This one wasn't subtle:
The field continued over the hill and down the road 1/5 of a mile or more. Five or six year-old trees. I had noticed (apologies for the dark shot) while hunting harvest helicopters earlier this month that many of the trees nearest the road had been clipped for garlands, meaning that middle branches had been cut off. But the trees were still standing at that time. No doubt the glut off trees necessitated this cull, and it will be interesting to see what comes next for this field.


Memphis MOJO said...

Interesting photos, thanks for sharing.

I hung a right on to Coon Hollow Road.

I love the names of roads and places like this.

joxum said...

Happy New Year!


bastinptc said...

@MOJO There are a few, not many such names. Not like south of C'dale: Rattlesnake Ferry, Turkey bayou, etc.
I neglected to mention that there is a beautiful waterfall ust off of CHR that I am trying to get permission to explore.

@joxum Same to you, mate.

And happy New Year to all of my dear readers.

TenMile said...

Indeed, Happy New Year. Grump. This is not a hung-over morning. Groggy. Too much football.

Do you realize that not one gun went off last night. Not one. Disgraceful.

Dear Readers? Dear? Humph. Anyway, thanks for the visit. Just returning the greetings. Have a good, Hoss. And to your DW.

Dear! Umph.

BLAARGH! said...

HNY Bastin!

Wolynski said...

You certainly live in a pretty area. Happy New Year!