Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life’s too short

“bastin, you want your cheeseburger?” Trish asked me no sooner than I had walked in the door of the bar where the pub tourney takes place. Yes, after a two-week hiatus, I had returned to play some poker and also see if there was any fallout from having my blog discovered by one of the players.

“No thanks, Trish. I’m trying to eat healthier and I’m afraid your delicious burgers are no longer on the menu.” Nor are French fries. Sigh. So I ordered a Pepsi and signed up for the game. Not many players. I said hello from a distance to Skunk who was playing pool. I thought that perhaps he said my name with a tone. I could have been mistaken, yet I was looking for evidence. Barbie was bending someone’s ear at the bar. I went over to put a fiver in a video lottery machine to kill some time before the game. Doug was playing a penny slot.

“Hey Doug.”

“Hey bastin, how ya doin’?”

“I’ve been a little under the weather.”

“I took first place Sunday at Rumors.” Rumors is another bar in town that runs a tourney. I’ve played there a few times. The play is worse and the number of obnoxious players is greater.

“Great.” Yeah, I’ve been under the weather. Thanks for your concern.

The $5 disappeared within two minutes, long enough for Doug to tell me about how he won. “Look, I hit the bonus again.” I walked over to the sign-up sheet, crossed off my name and called my Dear Wife from my rig to tell her I was coming home.


Cardgrrl said...

A prime example of how game selection is key.

Thinking of you, bro...

Memphis MOJO said...

Yeah, and definitely don't play if you're not in the right mood. Why spend money to torture yourself?