Thursday, January 1, 2009

OK, OK, Happy New Year

I went to the organic food store the other day and bought some of the supplements the Good Pharmacist recommended. I tried them out for the pub tourney to see if I noticed any significant difference in my game. Can't say I did but it may be because of the two Red Labels. I've popped this morning and even had the recommended breakfast for a long session because I'm soon to be off to R's for an all-day-all-night cash game. Going to just drink water, coffee and take more pills. But first, a short nap, my personal key to longevity.


matt tag said...

bastin -

thanks for posting on my blog. HNY to you as well. I also enjoy your postings very much

a fellow PA'er


Memphis MOJO said...

Let us know how you do at the game and what your take is on the stuff you ingested. Probably showing my age, but naps are underrated, for sure.