Thursday, January 8, 2009

Me and my blog mouth

It was inevitable, I suppose. If someone makes a bonehead play at the home game or pub tourney, I threaten to write about it in my blog. No one knows the title of the blog, so I figure I’m safe to pretty much write what I choose. No consequences. Bonehead play.

While no one knows the title of my blog, much less my nick, people do know my name. Google my name with the word “blog” next to it and up pops a couple responses I made to other people’s blogs. Click on those blogs and then click on my name in the comments, and voila! Exposed.

My sitemeter stats gave me the heads up this last Monday. I think I know who it was: a pub tourney player who was also at last Saturday’s game. I was able to determine that she had gone 5 pages deep and didn’t stay long.

I didn’t go to the pub tourney this week as I was a little under the weather. Even though there have been no more hits from my area, I wonder if she has told anyone else. I may be looking for a new pub tourney. DW says I should bring flowers next week.

New resolve: no mention of my blog no matter how idiotic one plays or acts. Good thing some of these people can't read.

Stay tuned.


matt tag said...

I have a similar problem, I think. I've been talking about my new aggressive style in my thursday game, and one of my opponents has seemingly adjusted by reraising my raises!

I thought maybe he had read my blog.

Cardgrrl said...

No anonymity lasts for every in Googleville. Be prepared for everything you've ever committed to the intertubes to be public, and to be attached to YOU.

That's just the way it is. I have already experienced some of the consequences, and fully expect one day to have some fairly unpleasant conversations...

Forrest Gump said...

LOL at your paranoia. ;)

Seriously though, I work in this field and I am aware that even private (company) email is very public. I see people put all sorts of private information on Facebook etc and they really have no idea of the risk. So only saving grace is they're one of many in a big flock.


bastinptc said...

Paranoia? We'll see.

I realize this is a social space, and censor accordingly. However, if I was really worried, I wouldn't have a blog, or worse yet, it would be a very dry read.

Memphis MOJO said...

I just let the chips fall where they may. If I didn't, my blog would be a blah-g...

Crash said...

I keep thinking of the angry villagers with pitchforks and hoes chasing Frankenstein's monster out of town!

Anonymous said...

simple solution

make a new blog

call it Mathematical Apothegms

make a nickname composed of some sort of numerical progression based on pi.

curse and rail against bad beats and bad plays.

give them all nicknames.

say it takes place in some other benighted state.


vitriol without social consequences.


bastinptc said...

Aki- Bless your heart.