Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little touched up

A couple weeks ago I was shopping for a glass cylinder-type vase into which I was going to transfer the core sample from the Beuys Mound. I went to several florists without any luck finding one. However, I found something else of interest and made a mental note to return.

I asked the elderly woman if it would be alright to photograph her dolls. I was prepared to be turned down. Instead, she was tickled pink, although her daughter had some questions about my intentions with the photos.

There's a story associated that would be colored by my disposition toward a sore tooth, yet I am content to merely post some photos, grateful.


Crash said...

The daughter can take a hike. What kind of world is this?

KenP said...

Make a nice human interest story for a Sunday supplement or such. Why don't you interview the old lady and submit something to the big city paper?

It be interesting to find the first and how it started and where they all came from. Wouldn't be surprise if Mom did bring growing up daughters there to give their old friends a home.

Hell, you might bring the estrogen crowd to tears with your sensitive portrayal. :)

Yakshi said...

Wow. That's creepy.

Anonymous said...

We live in post Freudian, post-Christian, post-Chucky world.