Thursday, February 10, 2011

How about some flowers?

And yes, I was barefoot.

Of course, I had the light settings wrong for three of the four photos above. Still, I rather like the blue tinge as it reminds me of the richness I used to get with Fuji slide film.


TenMile said...

The question was - is that the same camera used for the fish?

The barefootedness is now a given. When will you be moving permanently to the islands?

It is also noted the absence of Hula Skirts on a male, scantily clan natives, and before/after shots of pasty skin and tans all over. Your taste is impeccable.

One word of caution - when you put on shoes to return to the main land, use some baby powder? It should help the splayed feet.

The best, Hoss. Looks like fun.

bastinptc said...

These were shot with my Canon Rebel.

My thoughts on paradise when I return to the temperate rain forest I still call home.

My taste is for a pizza place up the road a piece.

As long as the dogs don't protest too much on the flight home, I'll be okay.

Remind me to go on at length about the fucking rooster fifty feet from my bedroom window.