Monday, February 14, 2011

Something to do with those photos that just don't cut it

I'm taking a lot of shots on the run, digital fun. On-the-fly sly. In other words that don't rhyme, hoping for the best with pre-chosen settings that  means it's often literally and figuratively a crap shoot. A lot of blur, which had me thinking about why we take photos, and that reason is often to be able to capture a moment we care to embrace against the vagaries of time and otherwise threaten to become more elusive memories. Just a fancy way to say so we don't forget. I got nuthin'.

But yeah, fading. Some of it not worth keeping but stored nonetheless. So, with a nod to the artist Hans Wijninga, I made postcards to be sent from the future as the forgettable moments.

1 comment:

TenMile said...

The pictures of the no-shirt dudes were no where near as nice as the flowers; but the technics you are using showed in both sets.

I can't make up my mind as to why you cannot bring out in people shots the same thing you manage with the landscapes. That speaking for itself thing.

Maybe it's just me though. I'm waiting for you to attack a couple of building (inside and out) to see.

In summary: that last batch of grubby old men wasn't bad. You captured action in a couple. We'll need to get you to an action football game to continue your exploration of action isolation photos.

Care, Hoss.