Sunday, February 20, 2011

Suffice it

My mind and body are in accord today, which is not saying much in that both seemed to require eleven hours prone. I could give specifics, but as symptoms, clear reasons still elude; nevertheless, my conclusion remains, and so comforted, I can manage to attend to some matters at hand.

That mis-named road, as it turns out, contains a story:

Unsure of my memory upon return from the drive yesterday, I went to the Eye-in-the-Sky for clarification. Following along to find exactly where the transport folks determined to make the sign change, I saw something rather surprising: a little gold castle icon with a name unmistakably religious, even if suspiciously fringe. To make matters more interesting, it's placement was in close proximity to a geographical site in which I have shown interest in photographing, but without permission from the heretofore unknown owners of the property, have restricted myself to the adjacent pavement. Now, with perhaps a clue, I made further inquiry with the aforementioned Powers.


Or perhaps lordyish, for the trail I followed found many paths converging upon one straight and narrow precept of alienation and superiority close to home. So close that I dare not instigate with specifics. Persecution does funny things in the abstract.

News items state that the property in question has been confiscated by those unrecognized by the previous owners (for as we all know, there are no required alms or records to keep beyond the Pearlies, and that also holds for those gates in a physical form herein), yet I am of a sufficiently cautious mind that should I approach, current tenants may still hold the fort, so to speak. The news, after all, precedes the icon.

All of this after leaving my business card with a request for information at a house across the road. As of this writing, I have received no answer.


TenMile said...

Any place but the Northwest one could say: "That's strange."

bastinptc said...

Those paths I mention? One infamously passes through your neck of the woods.

TenMile said...

bastin - Naw! Not kansas. We're pristine; Pure; Without blemish or fault. Why, we're so good we're not even considered a fly over state.

Although, I will admit to being disappointed in the condition of our highway signs on the back roads.