Monday, February 7, 2011

While Away

My role as an art critic takes me to the occasional exotic locale. Last night, even though I donned a different cap, the territory was both foreign and familiar, or shall I say, familial, as I sat cross-legged and barefoot on the floor with DS, DDIL and DGS. Yes, there was art on the walls, and while my opinion was sought, intelligible utterances in a suitable language were not forthcoming.

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TenMile said...

It is good to see that art critics may, at times, be subjected to not so good art, rendered even, in tongues, which the art critic writes so well (or use to). The bare footedness is more probamatical, but not a problem as long as the feet were washed before retiring (to say little of re-doning sock and shoe).

I don't see the DS washing the feet, nor the DDIL, either. Therefore, at the critics venerable age, I assume it was not done until long after arriving home.

I'm not certain, on reflection, that advertising the DGS being subjected to the performance is a good thing - considering the laws against child abuse. One may not, as the 911 pot growing caller said:
I just wondered if it was alright.

Just thought I'd acknowledge your absence and poke a bit of fun at the hard working, totally dedicated group of performers (I think).