Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let me explain...

Vegas is fading, which is a bit of a shame, for I had intended to write about the trip, especially the poker. But the highlights have already been put out there and the weaknesses seen in my game perhaps better kept to myself for further analysis and contemplation. However, let me say this: AA and KK  UTG are fine to C-bet and fold to a raise when there are five callers. And for those of you who followed along to the point of reading Grump's account of the night of 24 versus crubs,  I would like to share one little tidbit.

I had gotten up from the table for a spell, perhaps to pee, or maybe check in with DW, I can't remember which. Grump was to my immediate left, and when I returned he was in the middle of a big hand. I sat and although the upper part of his body was still, his right leg was bashing against my left. One look at the board told me: two fours had come on the flop. It was cute. But I suppose you'd have to know Grump to get the full flavor.

I wanted to write about poker in Vegas before last night's pub tourney. Too late. So, now I have to move on to complain about a young man at the table last night. A nice kid. A farmer, I think. Blows snot rockets, which is OK by me but I've been told it makes him a difficult date. Baby-faced in a family of men and women who are not. He's been playing poker for a few months, and, bless his heart, managed to take down one of these tourneys early on. Bless his heart.

So now he has taken to doing table commentary. BHH.

Three times the big blind was too much of a raise was last night's theme. It may have had something to do with me on his right.

When initially opined, my response was simply, "What makes you think I wanted you to call?"

No response except to continue the line until the final table. He made the final table. BHH. After I knocked his grandmother out of the tourney, the boy's father sat down to watch. Dad can play. Quick and aggressive in an unassuming way.

I raise it up. The kid folds, and with Pops at his side, he starts in again. I suggest he consider a matter of the odds a min-raise gives any two cards. I refrain from offering book titles to begin his education.

Oh, it's complicated, perhaps even half-imagined, the response to my table image. I heard "anti-social" last night from the guy who called a 6xBB jam with his Q4c and hit a 4 on the river. I keep quiet, which to my mind is cordial when he starts his usual peeny-waggin' thing, consistently confusing luck with skill.

There's more, but not now. I have yard work to do and it's sleeting.


Forrest Gump said...

Don't like.



"I suggest he consider a matter of the odds a min-raise gives any two cards. "

"I refrain from offering book titles to begin his education."

"I keep quiet, which to my mind is cordial when he starts his usual peeny-waggin' thing,"

bastinptc said...

It's a pub tourney. But I see your point.

Forrest Gump said...

I'm not saying sit there in a hoody and mirrored sunglasses silently shuffling your chips like a tosser. (don't you love those guys at pub tourneys)

Just reckon its good practice to be social without giving an iota of info about your play. Or even better, give them misinformation.

bastinptc said...

I'll try the misinformation line and see if I can't get myself run out of this small town on a rail. Could be comical.

TenMile said...

And how does that small town take to check-raise?

bastinptc said...

The check-raise is akin to witchcraft.