Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To the Well

When I get my cash-out from Stars, I'll have enough to buy into a game at the nearby casino. When all is said and done, not too shabby quadrupling my initial deposit. Of course, the untold hours playing micros most likely garnered Stars that much, if not more, in rake. GG, Stars. A bientot, meaning I am unsure if the cash-out means my account has been deleted, or will it remain in their data base should the day come when the company is allowed to have US-based customers. Imagine the software updates by then!

I believe I'll hit the pub tourney tonight.

In other news, our guests have departed. Three days of cleaning (DW with the greater load of it) for a sixteen-hour visit. The dungeon looks pretty good, as does the rest of the house. I give the dog two days to cover everything in hair again.

I made a new friend today. Check the blogroll for "I Will Not Return Your Records." The woman has a musical taste that reflects my CD collection. You may want to check out her podcast when it is broadcast on Radio 23.

In other news, my ears are buzzing. And that's just fine. Spin away. Someone will eventually say STFU.

Ah, drama. I understand it can be erotic for some folks. Poker too. Music is better. Choose wisely.


Memphis MOJO said...

GL in the pub tourney.

Crash said...

Don't forget your FPPs at Stars. They may reopen their "store" so we can at least spend our points.