Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Phases of fruition

Iran? Really? I am leery of ingratiating gestures, regardless of where they originate. Just thought I'd put that out there.

OK, closer to home:

The guy who stands by the bridge with the "work wanted" sign is still out there every day. Today, he was sporting shorts.

For the last week or so, maybe two, there has been another sign next to where he stands. Depending on the progress up the road a piece, it has notified drivers that road crews are making the south end of First Avenue up to par with the north end. Us outside-of-towners have been thrown a bone, I suppose. Or the city likes us coming in to shop. Not that there's anywhere else within fifteen miles, and we'd still have to take the same road. Anyway, they finished today, stripes and everything, right up to the north side of the bridge, the edge of town and county demarcated by the river. It's pretty. The road.

The river is quite picturesque as well,  if a bit high with the snow pack making its way down. And judging from the number of vehicles parked, they're either catching or hoping. I haven't heard much, and I'm inclined to wait another month or so. Still, I can't say dropping a line regardless hasn't crossed my mind.

There is some fishing line packed in my bag for tomorrow. That's all I'll say for now, except that I'm about to shift gears for a couple days. There will be pictures.

And I really wish I had something of substance to show you of the garden. I did get the basil in the ground and the spuds are mounded to near perfection. I'd take pictures but heck, I showed better ones two years ago. Gimme a few weeks. We'll see.

I sat on that grey digger squirrel a few hours the last couple days. Got caught up on my sleep is about all I accomplished. Hope it has a nice couple days in my absence.

You too.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Looking forward to the pics!