Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yes, small towns offer a level of comfort in the predictability. Errands are a run of habit and the faces are familiar.

As I drove out of town, a woman walking down the street in a red and black plaid Chanel two-piece suit caught my eye. Doc Martin boots and multiple tattoos on her arms, legs, and on her scalp where the hair had been shaved to define the gray mohawk.

I was frightened. In the big city sixty miles north of here I would have been mildly intrigued.


Memphis MOJO said...

No photo?

TenMile said...

I can understand that feeling.

Forrest Gump said...

pics or it didn't happen!

joxum said...

I second that!


bastinptc said...

"Look, Ma. It's one of them city folks come down to use our DMV again. Is that disposable camera still in the glove? I wanna git a picture."

"She's too old for the mohawk but I'd kill for the Chanel."