Sunday, June 14, 2009


Taking Mojo's advice even before he suggested I not task myself today, I stopped by what is left of our seasonal pond to check on the tadpoles. The hose has been the sole source of water for a couple weeks now while we wait for more pollywogs to morph into pesticides. Must be five hundred of them still swimming around in varying states of frogdom. Some have back legs, others show buds and still others probably won't make the cut off. We'll see.

While there squatting as if I were just about to leap and splash, I heard some familiar chirping in a tree. Cedar Waxwings. Beautiful little birds, and a bit skittish, for as I stood to fetch my camera from the house, off they flew. I had seen them and/or heard them a number of times this past week, and hoped that when I returned, they would do me the honor. Nope.

Still, all was not lost. Apparently our puddle is providing a wide array of birds with drink. I sat on a rock until my left leg went to sleep and my battery ran low. I will try again tomorrow.

Two male American Goldfinches

Male Brewster's Blackbird

A Lazuli Bunting. This is a first for me. Exciting.

I apologize for the slight blurriness. I will endeavor to do better tomorrow and perhaps bring my tripod.


Crash said...

Marjolein Bastin Kadowinkel

Coming very close, Mr. C. You have hinted you may leave the farm. Very sad when considering your camera ability as well as the lifestyle. Sad for me anyway, the city chalk markings are beyond me.

You have a top-notch superzoom camera. A trick I learned with my sucky superzoom, use the zoom as little as possible. Get closer and use less zoom. Picture quality is much better. I know it is not always possible......

Enjoy your Peaches condition while you can. Like the old days? But I hope you get better from whichever is ailing you.

Memphis MOJO said...

You've said it yourself: You do live in a beautiful part of the world. That would be huge to me and moreso to you (I suspect) given your artistic genes.

I love the reflection of the Goldfinches in the water -- nice!

bastinptc said...

Yes, I have more than hinted that we will leave the farm. If someone knocked on our door (unlikely) with the right price, we'd start packing. We're looking at next spring, but that could change. I have to find a job one of these days soon, and working off the farm and keeping this place up is more than I can handle.

The great thing about being an artist is that one can find beauty in unlikely places, and can play with ideas to transform the mundane into the sublime. I can do that anywhere.