Saturday, June 13, 2009


Home, laying low. We changed horses midstream last week as the old one just wasn't doing the trick. New one is taking me on one helluva ride. Think "Peaches" without the decor. As soon as I'm up to snuff (I've been saying that a lot lately) I'll be back to regale with tales of a life of low affect. In the meantime, all of you folks playing in the WSOP and/or covering it, my eyes work just fine and my thoughts are with you as I follow along.


TenMile said...

Not a good post, I guess. Her mom called and said Missy was "miffed."
Seems she is "almost twelve."

Turned out the birthdate is April. I guess at that age that is important. Who remembers?

Get Well-er.

Crash said...

Why don't you post a new Peaches? We can compare the two. Anyway, good luck, sir.

Cardgrrl said...

Rooting for you, my brother. Be well and always well.

Anonymous said...

funny folk song about a marriage gone sour


Crash said...

Akileos and bastinptc. Do your minds never slow down? What mind wealth you give out. Akileos, I see you providing poker info to anyone serious about learning. And things like this. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...


Crash, I am glad you enjoyed the song.