Saturday, August 15, 2009

Food for thought

I just finished weeding the tomatoes and eggplant in the hoop house. A lot of quack grass, a few thistles (doing their best to get through my gloves) and a variety of nightshades: the weed, tomatillos and some yellow pear and Roma tomatoes from seasons passed. While working I got to thinking about last night’s game, and while on ice for a bit, I thought I’d relate it.

Fish limps from middle position, I find JQo and do the same. Santa follows suit and R raises to 3 x BB on the Button. Easy call when Fish does, and easier still for Santa. The flop is AsQcJs. With $13.50 in the pot, Fish bets $3. I raise it another $3 and Santa insta-jams for about $50. R tanks, which gives me plenty of time to think.

Now, right away I knew I was going to fold. What I was trying to figure out was what everyone had. What did Santa have? K 10 off and was trying to push off the flush draw? AQ? No, he would have raised preflop. Could we have the same hand? Perhaps, but unlikely. He would have raised preflop with Jacks as well.

And R? He was so reluctant to fold. I knew I had Fish with his Ace feeler bet. The key for R was his relatively small pre-flop raise. With a big Ace, Kings, Queens and maybe even Jacks in the hole, he would have bet more, something like $6, or perhaps even higher, for Fish had already cracked his Kings once with a naked Ace. I guessed A 10 suited. Top pair and a gutshot. He had to also be thinking about the bet, raise, re-raise scenario that had just happened, and if he wasn’t, the new guy (talk the talk) made note of it and shared with the table (home games…sheesh). R said, “Fold” yet held onto his cards. Fish folded as well. I said, “There’s no way I can call you,” and, with the hope I’d be reciprocated, showed my two pair. To my pleasure, everyone obliged. R did indeed hold A10 suited. He had Fish dominated with A7 off! Santa showed AJoff.


Crash said...

I searched on your nick at the PAO forums to find something you wrote long ago. Read some of your oldest posts. Compared them to this post. Man, you sure write about poker differently now. You have learned a lot.

What I was looking for, and didn't find, were your reasons why you do not like nlhe tourney. Seems tourney would add interesting, new things for you to learn, such as handling HU and giant blinds, and no reloads. And it would let you use your nlhe skills, as well. You play at FTP now. Their single-table sit & goes are different from the pstars double or nothing ones. They pay only 3 of 9 positions, with #1 getting about 4/9ths of the pool. #3 still wins enough to cover the entry fee.

bastinptc said...

Crash, I think I do "okay" in tournament structures, although my end game is somewhat lacking. I guess there are two reasons I tend to avoid them: the time factor and greed.

I like to get up, go to the john when I feel like it, or even just quit and move onto another game or activity. Tournaments don't allow that flexibilty. (Reminds me of a joke I heard last night: Did you hear the one about the guy with ADD? Want to go swimming?)

As for greed, a quick look the stats for the primarily cash players compared to the tourney players at Poker Academy demonstrates this perfectly.

I have threatened to move over to tourneys, but to be honest, the SnGs just don't have any allure for me. MTTs do, yet I have to go back t point #1.

Crash said...

Well, that is now clear to me, the tournaments. And I, I think I get the joke.

Crash said...

Next morning: A funny item from reading the old PAO forum-Cardgrrl asked what a B&M was! Now she is almost a pro.

matt tag said...

a disciplined fold with bottom two pair - well done. I think (but am not 100% sure) I could have laid this down.

Many players in my home game could not, though. (which is the main reason I like my home game, lol).