Friday, August 14, 2009

To Every Thing

I've been looking forward to some cloudy days, and we've had a string of them. Even though it seems I missed the Perseod meteor shower completely, I wanted some cloudy days to see what effect no sun would have on photo quality, namely, color saturation.

If someone would have asked me upon my return home from today's photo session, I would have said that I didn't take a lot of photos. DW did ask if I got some good shots, to which I replied in the affirmative; yet, I was under the impression that I had very few photo ops. Not so. Yes, initially, but as I proceeded down the road, I found more to photograph than I thought I had. Just something I thought I'd share.

What might have colored my impression was what I found. At first, although I found many more fields burned, I found little that was photo-composition worthy, or what I saw was similar to other photos I had taken. Still, I found a few freshly burned fields that showed promise, and then there is always Photoshop tricks I can add...

Was I getting bored with this series? Perhaps a bit, or at least I need to up the ante a bit, be more aware of what I am looking at and find new ways to approach the subject. These were the things bouncing around in my head as I traveled the washboard roads. And then the farmers handed me a gift: they had started liming the fields. (Our soil is fairly acidic, which doesn't help the growing process. I believe fields are limed once every five years or so.) So, between the clouds, the new fields and the liming, I took more photos today than I have any other single day. Bounty.


Crash said...

The third one, with the black triangle projecting to the right and the green at the bottom was especially nice.

How the heck many fields of this are there, anyway? Going to be a massive change.

bastinptc said...

The burns can continue through September. If I had to guess, I would say they're about half done. We're talking thousands and thousands of acres.

Memphis MOJO said...

Amazing photos!