Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have about another hour in at the social site’s donkfest. Why? Because a buddy of mine from Chicago invited me to play at his table.

Problem is, it’s a $100/$200 NLHE table. Mike has three times the roll I do and most of the players are in for almost half of my roll. What to do? My roll is $48K, so I decide to risk about 10% and buy in for $5K. I watch for a while and decide the game is mostly a limping game until after the flop, which is something I have not seen much of the few other times I have played. I limp UTG with 65s. Two fives on the flop and one of the blinds bets the pot, which because there are seven limpers, is at $1400. I jam and get two callers who then proceed to check it down. I have a nine high straight on the river and triple up. Aces hold up under a similar scenario and I have made $45K in a matter of fifteen minutes. Time for dinner. That was yesterday.

Again, today I am invited to play, and again it’s a $100/$200 table. I look at my avatar and notice something different. Above each player’s nick and avatar is a status designation. Yesterday when I started I was a “Big Dog,” yet now with almost 90K, I am a “Shark.” Still, all of the other players at the table are “Poker Pros.” Regardless of their published bankroll size; although I must say I was impressed that several of the players had more than $200K, and a couple had near $500K. I was playing in the big leagues! And I bought in for $5K. I limp with AKo UTG and several limps later, a late position player min-raises. Now, I know what will happen next unless I three-bet. I don’t need six callers. Instead, I get five. The flop gives me top pair with potential Broadway draws for other players in the offing, so I jam. The turn gives me a gutshot Broadway, and this is when I get disconnected. Well, shit, I needed a Jack, but I’ll never know now.

Shortly thereafter, but certainly after the hand was over, I reconnect to see that I have tripled up once again. No one could, or would, recall the outcome of the hand for me. (My friend was not at the table for that hand.) The problem was, however, that I had been removed from the table, so when I sat back down, it may have looked like I rat-holed, which is actually a very common practice at this site. I explained that I had disconnected, but I may have pissed off some players anyway. And lo and behold, now over the $100K mark, I too was a “Poker Pro!”

Finally, with QQ on the button and six limpers, I raise $1,250, 1/4 of my stack. One of the blinds calls, as do two of the big stacks at the table. High card on the flop is a J 10 2 and there are two diamonds. The blind leads out small for $500 and the two other players call. I jam and get two callers. The blind has a diamond draw with Q high and the other has a gutshot. I triple up again. I head out to do evening chores wondering if the “heyday” of poker was anything like this.

remember they are all dicks

overbetting dicks

yup and they got ya cause u forgot
(I had best hand with KQd when a King came on the river and worried that the straight had hit when a player bet the pot. Nope, K with a 4 kicker… meh)

This site is bad for my game
(More on this at a later date)

no just is not vegas, think track betting in sarasota


Anonymous said...

Without out doubt sounds like some ugly play going on - but ask yourself, how much different is your own play with funny money? Would you win at the same rate or play more conservatively if it was a drunken donkfest only with real $?

I know I'd be playing lower variance and I hate that aspect of my game.


KenP said...


The master committee of "Poker Pros" has nominated you for promotion to freerolls. Should you wish to assume this awesome responsibility, please respond to our Nigerian site.

P.S. It does look a lot like those $1000-2000 games on FT. :)

bastinptc said...

FG - By and large I play my usual game. I can see, however, the temptation to open it up, as it were, and this may be why I play short periods of time. I'm not really interested in bingo jamfests.

If the real money sites were anything like this, I wouldn't be looking for a job.

Ken - Yeah, it does seem bass ackwards, doesn't it? I have no real desire to become on of the top players; however, given a chance to catch up with an old (and temporarily lost) friend, I'll play.