Saturday, August 15, 2009

Poker content (content)

Naps are the key to longevity. I live by this saying. If I can close my eyes for ten minutes, I can tack on another eight hours of alertness. R had a game tonight at his house, and in that I prefer to arrive at the end of the tourney, about 2230, to play the cash game, a nap iss essential. Recharged and ready to hit the road, DW asked me if I had my mojo. Yes. She had a little plate of magnetic sand out for my lodestone. Little Johnny, as always, was good to go.

As readers will recall, even though events have kept me away for several months, I love hitting this game. The game is good and the company better. Some of these guys will play any two cards and make them work, and there are sure to be lots of laughs from the friendly cajoling. The latter started before the cards were in the air.

Santa pulled up in the drive just after I did. R had told me earlier over the phone that Santa wouldn’t be coming due to a prior engagement.

Me: I heard you weren’t coming.

Santa: I heard you were dead.

Phil was asleep on the couch (smart man) and the tourney blinds were getting fairly large, so we wouldn’t have long to wait for a game. And then there were five, six and seven. Two of the final three who chopped bailed. R’s girlfriend, one of those three, joined the table and we had eight.

I don’t know if Phil has recognized this yet, but I try to always position myself to his left. He is the laggiest of the regulars. I had Santa to my left, which can work, for while he will lead out big with a small range, he won’t chase. Next was R who is a good tourney player and an ABC cash player. (Steve had been sitting where R was but had bought in short and played a parallelism.) Then Mike: ATC if suited. Then a new guy who talked the talk and min-raised with rockets from EP. (Noted.) Then Phil. Then the Fish. Then girlfriend.

I was the bank. Big mistake. Clerical errors were compounded by those errors being repeatedly pointed out. By the time I got to my stack, I managed to short-change myself $10. After winning a couple hands right off the bat, and counting up my chips without the peer pressure, I made the realization. $40. I was even? I made mention. No one listened except Girlfriend.

Girlfriend, R has informed me, is tearing up the tourneys. A quick study. She is bright. One can tell. “One” being me, as I listen very closely. She may keep the kitchen but I am more interested in her diction. Sure as God made those fruit I am waiting to turn red, she and R get HU. The board suggests a split for both who hold a paired Ace with an otherwise Queen high board. It is a sizable pot. Girlfriend: AK. Girlfriend: “Thank you Professor.” The crowd goes wild. A couple hands later, R is all in against the Fish. Again, Ace with a kicker issue. R announces he is done. Players start to peel away.

Fish is cleaning up. Happens, doncha know. Folks just don’t believe. Call, call, call. Ya gots ta raise! I take a sizable from him with second pair. He knows where he is in the pecking order and closes up shop. As soon as he makes the announcement, the game is over.

Still the bank, indeed, after all have been cashed out, there remains $10. I leave up twenty-five with plenty left over to write this.


TenMile said...

That'll do 'er - until the next time.

Memphis MOJO said...

"Santa: I heard you were dead."


Glad the bank thing ($10) worked uut.