Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can’t win ‘em all

And tonight was almost a foregone conclusion.

I’ve been nursing some sinus crap the last few days, headaches, cheek pain and the like. So, I was 50/50 on going to the Friday home game tonight.

Good news is that I didn’t take a lot of cash with me, content on playing with what I had, and if/when that was gone, so was I. Two flush draws that made it against my AJ two pair, and trip Ks, plus out-kicked trip 10s saw that more than 2/3 of my stack disappeared, and then a str8 and flush draw for myself went nowhere. Finally, all in with 7s in the hole and 6 callers sent me packing when R hit a set of 3s.

I have to give some thought to this home game play. You simply cannot push people off of their draws, Santa bet 2.5 times what was in the pot, a massive overbet, and Frank called with a pair and open-ended. Frank caught his flush against my two pair and there was no way I was going to overbet when it was clear that it wouldn’t matter. These guys are sitting at a .50/1.00 game with $300 in their pocket, ready to gamble. A couple players had more than 200 BB on the table. Pot odds mean little to them; implied odds in the extreme is gambling, no? They do, however, know how to bet for value on the river.

I’m not upset; just a tad unlucky tonight. All said and done, I’m way up on this particular venue.

OK, maybe a little down-hearted, so put a little salve on the wounds, a few more pics from sunny SoCal:

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