Monday, December 29, 2008

Something very odd

The formatting has changed for most of the blogs I follow. The look a lot like text files with a call to subscribe at the top of the page. There is no comment section. My page looks fine, and others, like Pauly's are unaffected. Am I missing something here.

Another odd thing last night: I was tracking hits on sitemeter and noticed that someone had entered my blog through my dashboard! WTF? Any insights? I guess an email to support is in order.

Addendum: Well, now it seems fine (20 minutes later), although I do note that some more recent posts from Mean Gene are missing.

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Dave Jenkins said...

I've lost several of my recent ramblings! So I stopped for a little while.

When I went into my dashboard half an hour ago, I noticed the bloggs I follow where missing. A refresh of the page brought them back.

I can only presume they are making changes and it's effecting performance?

Also my page wasn't being tracked in Google analytics and it should have been.

I know this doesn't shed any light but does go show it's a weird messed up world for all of us!

Sorry to read you'll be playing less poker.