Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perfect, right?

light4u: raises 275 to 425 and is all-in
turmoil1020: folds
bastinptc: raises 125 to 550 and is all-in
mR_pokeR576: folds
byork15: folds
hawfinch: folds
Uncalled bet (125) returned to bastinptc
*** FLOP *** [7h 4c 7c]
*** TURN *** [7h 4c 7c] [3h]
*** RIVER *** [7h 4c 7c 3h] [2s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
light4u: shows [7d As] (three of a kind, Sevens)
bastinptc: shows [Ks Kh] (two pair, Kings and Sevens)

Addendum: This was from the first of four Stars Double or Nothing SnGs. Hey, shit happens, right?
Went on to money in the three others I played, all fairly short-stacked.


Memphis MOJO said...

Have a good trip. Merry, merry to you, too.

Crash said...

With the sngs at pstars, i start with $1 buy in. If all goes well, I go to $5, etc. If I don't feel sharp, I quit. Each game takes about 1.l hour.