Sunday, December 14, 2008

Men and Film

Before the Dear Wife left on her trip, we received the movie, “Bourne Ultimatum” in the mail. With her blessings, I watched it alone tonight. It was your standard contemporary hyper action flick with spills and chills that would leave a mere mortal in a body cast or bag. Yet, because we want to root for the hero instead of sending get well or sympathy cards, we suspend disbelief and run with it.

Perhaps what I found more interesting than the movie was the choice of trailers that preceded it: “American Pie: Beta House” and “Bring It On: In It to Win It,” both out on DVD, or if one prefers six times the resolution of standard DVD (that’s the claim, and I believe it), HD/DVD. Two T&A films hawked with the action flick…I can see it, and the image I call up in my mind, a quart of cola, a big bag of some corn-based snack food, a roll of paper towels… you get the idea.

Speaking of films, or rather, videos, I took the leap today and uploaded some of my work onto YouTube. I just checked to see if any of the seven pieces were available, and so far there is one. I’d link it, yet it might be better just to search for bastinptc and see what comes up. Very few of these pieces have been seen by the public, perhaps for good reason, but more so because I just haven’t taken the time to get them out there. Yet, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s time.

If you like the videos, do me a favor and tell others. Thanks.

Oh, and if anyone can give this luddite very specific instructions on how to load YouTube vids into my blog, I would be eternally grateful.


matt tag said...

every video in Youtube has "URL" and "Embed" tags on the right side.

You should be able to switch over your blog post entry to "Edit HTML" while editing, and then paste the "Embed" code from the YouTube video into the html.

Test by checking "Preview".

Memphis MOJO said...

I'll b home late Monday and check then
Sounds very cool.