Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to it (again)

The sun shining and dew drying, today was a day for getting things done, although I took my time getting to it.

DW has been running errands for the most part this week, while I’ve laid back. (I’m happy to say that at the time of this writing, I am nearly recovered from the cold. Thanks to those well-wishers.) Granted, I got out a bit yesterday, and that bug took hold today. Let’s call it spring fever — although it is a bit tardy — and a good cure for the cabin variety of late. So, today I made the trip to the Post Office and such.

One of my errands included a stop next door to the music shop from which our local AM radio station is transmitted, and thought to drop in on the station owner, Ken Cartwright. I wrote about this station back in January. Mr. Cartwright is an industrious and civic minded gentleman. He not only maintains a commercial business in our sleepy little downtown area and has his radio station, he also videotapes bluegrass concerts (that he sponsors and worth a watch) and our city council meetings. The videos are not only on his server, but transmitted via the local cable access.

As I left the business adjacent to his, luck had it that Ken was about to sit on the bench in front of his store and have a few puffs on a cigar. Greetings exchanged, he invited me to join him, which, having an inch and a half left on a Macanudo, I did. After health inquiries and updates were exchanged, Ken told me that he has been videotaping the dismantling of a water tower in the town north of us, a tower that had a bit of fame a few years back when that town tried to Ebay the thing away, to no avail. He was rendering the video as we sat. He told me soon this footage would also be available on his site.

Much else was going on for Mr. Cartwright, some which may best be kept mum until it comes to fruition; but when it does, I will let you know dear readers, for it may be a first in our nation.

I noticed that Ken’s cigar had been allowed to extinguish, which was cue enough for me to move on. Besides, I had another errand to run and a couple acres to mow.

Second errand accomplished, I caught the eye of our insurance agent in the parking lot as I was pulling away. In that he walked toward my moving vehicle, I figured I should stop and opted to park again. We assumed the position on the bed of my rig, exchanged  pleasantries, an inquiry was made as to my stamina these days and then question pointed toward our policy (that was the purpose of the former question), and (to further camouflage the intent) went on to talk of the upcoming fish runs and the rivers to chase them on this year. As one might expect, the conversation did not last long.

Errands completed, I headed home. Not only did I have the grass up front; DW also requested the path around the Back Ten be shorn double-wide, which meant the Kubota be brought out as well. I looked forward to a good five hours of chewin’ on a dead stogie.

Except my neighbor friend was on his Kubota near our fence. He retires for good (down to part time now) in a week, and we had not seen the other for a month, and did have much to share and strategize. It took a while, but we now have pasture maintenance settled for the summer.

I mowed until close to sundown. I thought about turning on the headlights, but the weather guy says we have at least four more days just like this one. I have time.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you're back in the swing of things.