Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There I go again

What doesn’t get as much attention is when the prodigal son returns and it’s the same old shit. Where’s the parable for that one, eh?

I had Skirts in the hole two hands in a row, first UTG then…well, you know where, and lost more on the second than I won on the first from the same shortie; shorter the second time, he resigned to call off and hope for an Ace. I was cool about it. After all, right?  I know, right? Just wait, right? Apparently.

I was showing down with strength, which in my book says, “Keep it up, Pal, and your gonna get kicked in the teeth.” Mind you, I’m not saying it; I want the little voice in the opponent’s head to say it so I can pull off something a bit later. In better position.

Or at least middle with 89h. Yeah, that’s worth a limp with half a dozen other players. Except then the SB min-raises, which is nothing more than a back-assed straddle in my book, because everyone goes along for the ride.

The flop is Ah5c6h and I’m liking it. SB leads out with 1/3 pot. UTG, formally the shortie, now bought in full and perhaps a bit tipsy announces, “I have a gutshot” and calls. Well, imagine that. I sweeten it with a new half-pot and both come along.

The turn is the 9s. I have a pair! I figure the SB is sitting on a big Ace and Chatty Shortie has what he says he has (I know him well), both check to my show of strength on the flop and fold when I bring down the hammer.

It’s a nice little pot and erases my deficit with interest, and I’m pleased.

And then I note an old, familiar feeling. Fleeting, but familiar. Enough for me to shut it down for the night…perhaps for good.


Memphis MOJO said...

It's a wise man who listens to his body.

Crash said...

I am just going to bite my tongue about that.

Perhaps for good, bastin?

bastinptc said...

It's pretty much a two-by-four turned narrow side up and unsecured on a pair of saw horses as it is these days. It seems it's not enough to tread lightly.

TenMile said...

Now, why do I get the feeling you're talking about more/other than poker?

Forrest Gump said...

Your line betting half pot is interesting B. You got them to put in money with the worst hand...but that's assuming you get two pulls. I'm usually betting 3/4 to pot in that spot. Can u remember stack sizes?

As for the unwanted return, is it related to the stakes? Same effect playing for pax and/or pennies? Or even MTT tournaments, where the expectation is usually to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised.

bastinptc said...

FG - I know one of the player (UTG) very well as this is mere PAX, and know that he will play/call with connectors hoping to hit from any position. The other player has been around for a long time as well and I know his style as a bit laggy but otherwise ABC. I'm behind one of them on the flop, even if neither holds an Ace. I'm going to assume an Ace however, just because I play a bit too cautious sometimes. Heads up I might have been a bit more aggressive if this was real money, but not with PAX. Folks just don't give a shit sometimes, and since I do, I limit the size so if someone pushes back hard, I can get out of the way without giving info.

The other issue came from the semi-bluff. I got excited, what can I say? Emotion isn't supposed to be that much of a factor, right? Another reason to back off. If I can't control the reaction, even if I am playing effective poker, I should stay away.