Sunday, May 23, 2010

What goes down

Promised sun tomorrow, and a small spike in the temp, I’m hoping that I can get a little mowing and spraying done before it gets wet again Tuesday and the foreseeable future. A few months ago I fretted the lack of snow on the nearby small mountains. Now, with the freezing levels at 3,000 feet the last several days, there’s good cover, albeit a bit later than usual.

Of course, with a lot more days of rain than sun, crops aren’t getting in the ground. Indeed, the oak leaves are much larger than a squirrel’s ear but the temperatures won’t allow for germination. Put that wet and cold together and you get seed rot anyway.

So, if I get a day’s respite, I must be prepared to make hay, so to speak. Short on gas for the lawn tractor, and the truck under a quarter tank, I dodged some raindrops, hopped in the rig and went to town.

The Hollywood Video in the Plaza Shopping Center is closing its doors. Apparently, Netflix and those red boxes scattered about have brought the demise. That’s progress, I guess, but in a small town, that kind of change leaves a scar, especially when the 5,000 square foot space adjacent to the video store has been vacant for more than a year. This on the main drag.

Yet, I suppose there’s hope. We just got our second traffic light, part of a major road construction project on the highway that passes the outskirts. Two lane to four lane, two years in the doing, anticipating something big, one would think… or rather, hope. No shortage of that, I suppose: hope.


Memphis MOJO said...

So, if I get a day’s respite, I must be prepared to make hay,


TenMile said...

Now, MOJO, you know he did that just to get to us.

bastin: Did the slime work? Did for me. Not a single problem all day.

And by the way. Slime, I've discovered, is a trade name for the product, also.

Who knew?

Memphis MOJO said...

I said ouch, but actually I loved it.

bastinptc said...

I's inspired.

No slime as of yet. Holding off on trip to the coo-op with a list of things. Glad it works.

Yakshi said...

Yep, Redbox killed Hollywood with a slow, relishing strangle. Turns out America only wants to see 20 movies or so, and they can all be slipped into a six-foot-tall plastic non-refrigerator and positioned outside Micky Ds.

I love searching out cinema gems from earlier years, but apparently they all qualify as "old films" if they've been around ten years or more.

lightning36 said...

Hollywood is just an unfortunate victim of progress. I'm sure that the major domos of Hollywood Video made their share of money while the going was good. How long can Blockbuster hang on?