Thursday, May 27, 2010

Campaign update

Folks are in a huff; others are in a hough. I depends on which side of this hunting preserve thing you fall on. Me, I don’t get how something can be preyed upon and preserved at the same time. Of course, monocultures of fir trees are considered sustainable. “Get in on the green” is nothing new. It just depends on how gullible or uninformed you are.

Excuse me. I realize it is unlike me.

Not surprising, not all neighbors in proximity to the proposed bird-in-a-box ‘preserve’ are aginit (sic), and the general alarm was leaked to kin, of which, again no big surprise, there’s a fair amount in these back roads. And they have the internets to-boot! So, there’s a lot of back and forth now, and it’s pretty comical to see the hounds released on both sides. (I’ve recommended a short leash but we’ll see how far that goes.)

Funny, because on one side of the debate is the fact that one of two habitats on this side of the bigger mountains for the state bird is threatened and the state authorities on such matters have now taken an interest. Meanwhile, one who is pro-preserve has advised that opponents who use the adjacent road should not to be concerned, as the maximum range for #6 or #7.5 shot emanating from a 12-gauge has a range of 40 yards (1/3 the distance of published reports), and “even if all safety rules were ignored (shooting toward the road), and a stray shot were to occur, at the distances described above, you might at most hear some tinkling on the roof of your car.”

I could do a stand-up routine on this, for the truth of the matter is that I love engaging in hyperbole and do a mean hick dialect. I am waiting for someone to invoke the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, I wish I had a 500mm lens today for these:

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