Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Ben Kramer Memorial Poker Tournament

Mike, the poker room manager gives some pre-tourney instructions. Cat Balou is sitting next to the dealer, with Opinh Bombay to her left. 

Clockwise from Cat balou: Opinh Bombay, Beermantm, Mad Mosby, gizzlewick, Sandman 

Down at the end of the table: Bricks and Cactus52 

Sandman's "nuts" are a card protector made with buckeyes that PA member Crash gave him last year as part of our protector exchange. The chip stack is what we started with: 6k. The coinage is actually Hannukah chocolates provided by my Dear Wife.

Sandman's other nuts against Opinh Bombay's AK. 

Salt in the wound but amongst good friends: Short-stacked, Sandman pushed with The Bronson. I called with 89 off, flop a straight to his top pair. He hits trips on the river. KevinB56 look on.

Good game, ladies and gents. For a recap, please click through.

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