Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What level, this?

The joys of poker. I didn't play
yesterday, yet hands were dealt.
boards read, and shenanigans.
Some took notes.
(I guess it's about time.)

Things you already know like arms folded tight and legs fixed crossed,
but I will tell you this: a hand offered and one's name uttered prior to
introductions and a yet another hand placed on one's back
when all before was gendered revulsion...

Imagine a world
where phone technology
developed without
personal computers.
(I could more readily share.)

Then again,
as the flames move back and again from one's belly to the wall
in a snicker and sneer,
it is best that we settle for the inadequacies of an emoticon.

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Josie said...

Very very nice. You're going on my blog roll.