Thursday, March 24, 2011

He says he can shout, don't hear you. — Firesign Theatre

Not much for writing the last day or so. It happens when I'm writing and other topics intrude that seem to merit attention. "Write about me!" "No, me!" "I wanna be written about!" like a bunch of little brats. Can't they see I'm busy?

Then they start acting up, like that's going to get me to react in a good way. One even called me 'draconian', of course misused in the context.  I'll tell ya, you don't want to get on my bad side.

"At first blush, the rejection of a group formulation in favor of another of a smaller scale may pose some of the same problems: hierarchical structures that may or may not be explicit, or an economy en masse may require some legislation. Yet, in the spirit of the exhibit, if the rule of thumb is an ebullient purge of said appendage to a nose with another like digit as butt plug, the mayhem, while seemingly liberating may be more an exclamation of a resolute, reactionary alienation than an enduring communication of intent."

I rather like some of the paintings; nevertheless, I struggle to find something nice to say. 

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