Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Under coverings

There are parts of my world that are rather insular. That does not mean that I refrain from going outside to have a look around. Or form opinions.

Call it a change in the weather, but lately, I've been peeling off a couple layers, and in that the dungeon is already a bit too cluttered, find another place to lay these dearly/closely-held, stylishly padded vestments.

Later this spring, a three-day conference will be held in Portland, and I will be 'covering' it for PORT. The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss the type of art that the gentleman in the video below, Hennessey Youngman,  satirizes.  Weather permitting, I'm thinking I might look good in a sarong for the occasion.

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KenP said...

Check this bit of techy performance art out.