Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vegasm, Baby!

Yeah, right. That's me alright. Party hardy.

I am ready to hit the tables.  I've allotted two buy-ins a day, just in case I have the worst run of bad luck in my poker 'career'. Not that I'm counting on that to happen. I am hoping the trip pays for itself again.

Long time readers will remember that I went last year with a disadvantage that kept me from the tables for all but 12 hours in a five-day period. Gone. Two rivered three-outers this afternoon with all the money in on the turn, and I didn't bat an eye or miss a beat.

Today I packed my bags and stacked a cord of firewood. I made someone chuckle. I made a stranger shed a tear of joy. I watched a mother cut her son's hair on their patio and saw a young girl playing in the lower branches of a flowering tree.

Tomorrow DW and I are going to spend the day on one long date that will continue up to the point when she drops me off at the airport. I have promised to keep my phone charged.

Maybe by the time I get home those salamander newts will be swimming around in the pond.

I'll keep you updated.


TenMile said...


Word verification: nesse

Crash said...

Good luck, man. Hi to my friends.

bastinptc said...

Thanks, guys.

Memphis MOJO said...

GL, tear them up!

Josie said...

gl gl gl and keep your clothes on. Actually, don't. :)

bastinptc said...

Ah Josie, we've not met...I am well passed such chic(k)anery, for many reasons. This sag sack is for DW's eyes alone.