Monday, April 25, 2011


I have not yet determined if I truly miss playing online for cash; but then again, I didn't do too much of it. Maybe a couple times a week, at most, and that was low stakes 8 Game, often with my pal, Stan. some folks I know are working around the hole that was left in their poker lives, and although invited, I have declined, even though I monitor, should I get the bug again.

Others, having found or feel nothing else is worthy to note, no doubt, will disappear from the face of this virtual world in search of a more meaningful relationship than with the gerbil on the wheel in the age next to the computer's station. Too harsh?  Too soon?

Still others have found renewed purpose and advocacy, so it's not all doom and gloom. Perhaps more of a way to titre off.

I find myself wondering what December's blogger gathering in LV will hold, who will still be wearing black, and who will be shagging like old flames from high school days. Myself, and in a perfect world, I prefer wonder over closure. (Just thought I should clarify, for there is talk of going.)

The dungeon received its semi-annual once-over yesterday. More needs to be done but the scraps of paper and post-its have been triaged, and actual paperwork piled for processing tomorrow. Or the next day.

The new/old sculpture is 3/5 finished. My laptop screen is cluttered. Books call. Correspondence is neglected. And that's not the half of it.

And I'll certainly have the time, what with the wind and the rain. That's what I tell myself, as I find a empty spot to nap in the rabbit hole.


Memphis MOJO said...

What is poker on PA like when you're not playing for money? Would it be of interest? Does it cost to play there?

lightning36 said...

I still go online to play at UB, so I have not gotten the shakes yet. In fact, I the lack of online options actually got me to go to a riverboat casino to play Saturday night.

Re the December blogger gathering: Now that I have gone to two I would hate to miss any in the near future. However, I try to keep my expectations low and remember that the focus of the trip is more social than anything else. I always stay an extra day or so to get in some more cash table time.

Meeting for the first time people whom I have played against and chatted with online is quite a treat for me. Connecting with old friends is priceless.

bastinptc said...

36 - I kinda feel the same way about the annual Poker Academy meet-ups in LV. I don't know a lot of poker bloggers, yet I have liked the ones I have met, and it makes a bit of sense for me to meet a few more, at the table and otherwise.