Saturday, May 28, 2011


Three days of rain, at first off and on, but now with some gumption. And cold enough that when the sun does manage to peak through, dark surfaces steam up. And the roof around our dormers is leaking again. Called the contractor, and know I'll have to do it again at least two more times. Standard protocol, yes?

Let's hope we get a bit of a reprieve this afternoon to bring the air temp back above 60. There are little sprouts in the greenhouse that will begin to dampen off if not. And those spuds in the ground will rot. And I neglected to mention the sleet that surely must have knocked the transplants around a bit.

The tadpoles in the pond are enjoying this. And, mind you, I'm not complaining as much as worrying, and then not fretting so much for our little patch as those trying to make a go at what we gave up a few years back when already the weather showed signs of cooler and wetter springs, only to leave off the wet bit for summer.

The young farmers we have attempted to mentor have a thing going today: Get to know your CSA farmer. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, a term with which I've never been entirely comfortable, as it is more a subscription service to a particular farm or group of farmers. It needs to be more personalized to match the commitment of all those involved, provider and consumer, which is why the young farmers are hosting today's event.

We were invited. They want to pay us back for all that we have done for them by giving us a free share for the season. In return, we offer feeback. In my more cynical moments, that seems to keep them beholden, but this is not the reason we have declined the weekly basket. See above.

I will, however, put on my muck boots and mosey on over at some point today. With this rain, I can't imagine they'll have much of a turnout.


TenMile said...

In reference to a recent email. I questioned the in-ability of margin notes.

I read another blog (yesh, I know. Shame, that) and the author was on about margin notes, the weight and feel of real books and the usability of his Barnes and Noble Nook reader.

So I wrote the BandN people, they were asking ways to improve the Nook. I explained the inability of cursing a passage or book and not making notes of things that excited a reader.

The guys answered:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for writing to us about new NOOK Color apps.

We reviewed your concerns regarding writing messages on the margin of
the Book you're reading and an app with that function would be very
helpful. Your feedback is very important to us at Barnes & Noble and we
appreciate your taking the time to send us your opinion. We assure you
that we have reviewed the issues you have raised with the appropriate
people on our NOOK development team and they are under consideration for
implementation. We truly value your patronage; your online shopping
experience is extremely important to us.

Thank you again for your comments.


Customer Service Representative - Digital Support
Barnes & Noble

bastinptc said...

Adobe Acrobat Reader has such features. It seems that they should be easily incorporated.

I've been offered a Kindle and declined. Love the heft of a book and a #2 pencil.