Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Do Thoughts

I suppose I could have been more diligent, checking to see that what I gave was what they got. Well, technically, they received much of it, but more than what was intended, plus some of what was not. But it's been corrected, and I don't suppose anyone will bother to notice or be worse off for it, except, perhaps, me, and that's merely a judgment call.

Diligence, by the way, seems to be a sub-category of discipline, as is habit, although the latter seems to involve more latitude in the determination of whether something is good or bad; but even so, I can imagine blind spots are unavoidable on the whole.

For instance (ah, hope for clarification!), with the onset of favorable weather, it has become imprudent to lose track of the hour down in the dungeon. Likewise, a re-defining of what it means to be busy, which does not necessarily always mean productive. It is, after all, a dungeon. And with the increase in daylight hours accompanied by sunshine, duties elsewhere vehemently demand a little more sweat than tears, if you get my drift, and I'm certain you do.

But then those damned distractions: yet another ailing pet, deceased uncle... unwelcome reprieves. It is no wonder that when I finally get outside I heartily greet the birds in the yard (although I'm sure they have troubles of their own) and then get to managing their increasingly favorable environment.

My editor has told me he prefers the cranky me. (Not as coarse of a transitional sentence as it might seem.) My response was that it comes too easy. Edification, for I must have something to show for my time, comes in seeking resolve (understanding) amongst peers. In that regard, the final draft is preferable. I have other motives than hits.

Which brings me full circle, an orbit, if you will, and (but not before mentioning that I am aware of fewer posts here) I envision a trajectory like a space capsule slung.

Ah, but that's how it starts. Back to Earth, cowboy.

Today it is weed-whacking and the ongoing saga of ridding the back ten of Scotch Broom and tansy. Tonight I may have time to start sorting through artwork for an exhibition in July.

Away we go!

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