Thursday, May 19, 2011


the bug is pretty much gone, as is several buy-ins at Poker Academy. Stan says I have to raise more preflop, which I've pretty much figured for a while now. Problem is, a small raise with Aces or, say, Queens from early position will get those small and medium pocket pairs to tag along. Maybe not so readily for the small pairs if I go big. And yes, had I raised big on either of those two hands, I most likely would have pushed them out. But don't I want them to come along?

Yeah, I knew I was beat both times, so I have no excuses for stacking off. Self-sabotage. Five losing sessions in a row. Yadda yadda.

What else?

I could use a nap, and here it is not quite 11:00 in the ayem.


I guess, but best not push it.

Yeah, today is DW's birthday, bless her heart. Hope she likes the gift. And cards. I like to give her lots of cards. Pitiful romantic at times, but know where my blessings lay, so don't be too hard on me. Grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. And chocolate cake. And movies. Her choice.

The switch to my brain has a short in it. Or some gunk on it. A smudge, like on a lens. Or blockage in the pipes. Hard to tell. Yet, it shows.

Not to worry. Saw it coming. Got it covered. Gonna throw a blanket over it.

Look out, images.


TenMile said...

A thing for insomnia.

Poker Acadamny.

Did not post until the blinds came to me (entered directly behind the button). Just watched.

Passed two full relovutions. Folded everything.

Pushed pair of sixes. Won. Folded three more revolutions.

The software played the next hand I played. Really. Didn't bet, raise or fold. The software played the whole hand, I just watched.

It won me twelve dollars.

Doubled me up.

I left directly there after.

I'm rich.

I think.

Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Birthday to DW. Have a great evening.

Crash said...

The PAO hand evaluator says AA wins against a single player 85% of the time, against 4 players 55% of the time, and against 8 players 28% of the time. QQ would of course do worse. Might need a postflop fold. Seems to me you want to drive most of them out.

Crash said...

On the other hand: