Monday, May 2, 2011


Aline Smithson has the blog, Lenscratch. The woman is a dynamo and her blog is one of the go-to sites to see what people are doing in photography. Every once in a while she invites readers to send photos based on a certain theme. There is no jury process. Just send a photo and she posts it. Today she is showing self portraits. I mention this not only because I sent one in, but there are quite a few really nice shots.


TenMile said...

Self: glad to see you find a worthy use for a very good photo - considering the company you were shown in you should be feeling very out dated.

bastinptc said...

Ha! The photo is appropriate, no? While comparatively I am indeed an old fuck (there were a couple others), out-dated is one thing I am not. I'm glad you think the photo has merit.