Sunday, May 22, 2011

No rest for the wicked (mind)

Okay, I'll post script the apocalypse: The old guy who started this is still around, right?  I read that only some kid in Tibet was taken up. Hey, if and when, fewer than professed. No redheads for sure.

No surprise, perhaps, that I've been thinking about such matters for many years. A cocktail of over-active imagination and whatever else I can stir in that guarantees a foul taste. All ingredients are readily available in New Jersey, although most can be ordered online from elsewhere.

What if the sole criterion was a sense of humor? That would be kinda nice.

The End Times garden is half planted. It's late, I know, but Nature wasn't cooperating, nor my schedule, or my foresight. Still, if math turns out to be a weaker skill than proselytizing, or my temporal logic, we have a chance.

Four types of tomatoes
Two types of peppers
Two types of eggplant
Mustard greens
20 pounds of potato seed, four varieties
Several herbs

Seeds germinating in the greenhouse include green beans, two types of summer squash, one winter squash, basil and two types of lettuce.

For that matter, two mules and four llamas can keep a body fed for some time.


TenMile said...

Neighbors behind in their rent are they?

bastinptc said...

Just thinking ahead.