Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Punk Poker

I was in the BB, and the young hot shot was the dealer. A LAG player, pub tourney style: any two Broadways are raised. He'd already stacked off and was working through his rebuy at 50/100 when he popped it up one big blind after two limpers. My J8 was good enough to call, watch his face closely and see a flop of J93 rainbow. I checked. UTG checked, as did the cutoff, and he put out the same amount of 2 BBs. Given that he had looked dismayed at the flop, I raised it to 600. Two fold and he jams. I knew I had him, said so, called another 700, and flipped 'em over. He had TK.

The turn was a Jack and I said, "Need a Queen," which he promptly... well, not promptly. He looked at the card for a couple seconds, slowly turned it around in his hand and held it next to his face. He looked at me like he was holding my still-beating heart in his hand, showing it too me before I collapsed.

He was that good.

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