Monday, November 2, 2009

A bit of humble hubris

Dem shorties with their pocket Queens...

PokerStars Pot-Limit Omaha, $0.05 BB (7 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from

SB ($11.59)
Hero (BB) ($10)
UTG ($10.10)
MP1 ($1.75)
MP2 ($9.45)
CO ($6.49)
Button ($15.47)

Preflop: Hero is BB with 10, J, Q, J

1 fold, MP1 bets $0.15, 1 fold, CO calls $0.15, Button raises to $0.30, 1 fold, Hero calls $0.25, MP1 calls $0.15, CO calls $0.15

Flop: ($1.22) J, Q, 3 (4 players)

Hero checks, MP1 bets $0.10, CO calls $0.10, Button calls $0.10, Hero raises to $1.67, MP1 calls $1.35 (All-In), CO calls $1.57, 1 fold

Turn: ($6.11) A (3 players, 1 all-in)

Hero checks, CO checks

River: ($6.11) J (3 players, 1 all-in)

Hero bets $1.60, CO calls $1.60

Total pot: $9.31 | Rake: $0.45


Hero had 10, J, Q, J (four of a kind, Jacks).

MP1 mucked K, 9, Q, Q (full house, Queens over Jacks).

CO mucked 3, 9, A, 10 (two pair, Aces and Jacks).

Outcome: Hero won $8.86


Memphis MOJO said...

Players suck out on me all the time, so when I do it to them, I don't even feel bad. Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

Pretty standard to bet pot with 2 pair in that spot? I still get a little lost with naked 2 pair hands.


bastinptc said...

FG - Two pair? No, I'm not getting crazy with two pair. I was betting my set. Little did I realize I was walking into a trap. Hence, the song.

MM - LOL Such a nasty sentiment from a mild-mannered guy! But you're right. I didn't even flinch.