Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was waiting, which makes for great watching. In that it was at the airport, it was even better. A young man approached, slicked down hair, jeans and hoodie, and asked a neighbor waiter if he might have an extra smoke.

The young man had a look about him, one I had seen before: furtive, figuring, running the numbers. He smoked the bummed cig with some urgency,  and with his free hand practiced rolling a quarter over its knuckles.

He played. I just knew he played. He just hadn't gotten it down yet, is all.


TenMile said...

Uh huh, and bumin' cigs in the airport, how well?

Crash said...

Can any of you do the chip-shuffling trick? Not me; I can barely stack my chips without them falling over. Elderly tremor. 6 month delay in UIGEA enforcement!!

Forrest Gump said...

i learnt how to shuffle etc then realised how douchey it is, as well as being -EV. When i sit down, i want to look and act as clueless as possible.


bastinptc said...

I find the clattering of chips rather irritating when I first sit down. I do not bother, touching my chips only to cap my cards (no card protector, although a good rookie bangle might be advised) and to bet.

As for the young lad, yeah.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

TenMile said...

You ta, and all.