Monday, November 9, 2009

Ready for something

 I was clobbered by the nut flush redraw. Oh well.

Variance and being card dead make for a horrible combination.

And that pretty much sums up my rainy Sunday. Moving on…

…to a rainy Monday.

I was supposed to go fishing today. That was the plan, rain or no, with my fishing buddy, Steve. Steve no call, we no go. Oh well.

I could go by myself. No thanks. If I’m going to fish in a cold rain, I want company just as miserable.

Now the day will consist of finding a way to work around the first person pronoun.

“Consider performance like two pieces of bread wanting.” –Alfonzo Rem


Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry it's raining there.

bastinptc said...

MM - You should have added "until April." Lots of books to read until then.