Friday, November 27, 2009

Til Thursday, my friends

DW and DD (daughter) head to their respective coasts tomorrow. I hit the road with DM for a few days then return for one more peek at the infant grandson (DIG) before heading home to the animules and a kiss at the door.  Until then I will be sans internet. Notebook and camera will be in tow.

Be groovy, y'all.


TenMile said...

Thursday, then, Dude. Travel safe.

Crash said...

I don't know when you will see this, so either have fun with DM or welcome back!

TenMile said...

You should leave the link until you catch up with yourself. It came through Fresh Bilge (his link is in my side bar), a dying gay man in Florida. He has a love of the sea and says he came upon the site (link above) by accident.

I found the autobio interesting.

Wolynski said...

Have a good time on your travels.