Sunday, December 6, 2009


Sometimes puns are demanding, rude, ugly little beasts. If only one could find a way to put them in their place, do violence to them like one can with those veritably smug clich├ęs. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to acknowledge them and then move on.

Much of the Midwest is flat, flat, flat. Yep, I shit you not. I wonder why people complain about it, kinda like bitching about the weather. Sometimes you have to look hard to find that something is easy on the eyes. But then the question becomes how to show it to others. To remove is not exactly the same as to distill.

These have the working title, "Landstrips." Please don't enlarge right away.




Ten Mile said...

You write of really flat country - IN and ILL, yes?

bastinptc said...

Yes. Note the qualifier. For instance, southern IL has spectacular hills and ravines. Hollers even.

TenMile said...

Oh. Almost forgot. Been getting more information about that Rock House - it is appearing it has more going for it than a party house.

Still working on it. If the National Register doesn't get there first.