Monday, December 14, 2009

Work in Process

Looking for clarity. So what else is new? No, that’s not it. Not exactly. I get occupied with a notion and work it around like hard candy, maybe a jawbreaker, until it’s of a sufficient size where I can safely bite down. Then there’s the picking it out of the teeth.

This week it’s a sense of urgency, what that’s been like, and why — the usual.

Last week it was conclusions, final products, ends of discussions.

And the week before, short, with more than a hint of taint.

This last phrase will be in an exhibit next month, part of a fundraiser. (The words are the piece, not the words on a particular piece of paper; therefore, I can make as many as my little heart desires, and I am also released from the conundrum of whether the photo is also a piece.)

Next week there will likely be another, but I’m not going to push it. Not this time. This week’s lesson, you know.

I posted these images elsewhere. My buddy Sunil remarked, “Looking for the value proposition…” I thought I knew what he meant, but I had to look up the phrase, just to be sure. Yeah, twenty-five years as a marketing copywriter and I’m not certain about the guiding principle…

I responded thusly: “OK, they ain't worth nuthin' without my JH. And that absence makes them priceless. Nihilists have goals too, you know.”

And that is the meaning of the pieces. More or less. Or the expectation.


Crash said...

OK, I Have much googling and pondering on this one.

Wolynski said...

Have no idea what bugaboo is, but I love it.
You were a copywriter?
I'm not looking for clarity anymore - what if I find it?
Brevity is the soul of blogging - if you can't keep it brief, no one will listen. And that's a good thing.

bastinptc said...

C - It's just my restricted language patterns.

W - See above. Bugaboo: six-legged ghost of ineptitude.

Still am, sorta.

If you find it, bottle it.

13 seconds or you lose them.