Thursday, December 17, 2009

A good read

I flat-called with Jacks in the SB when the Button raised. The BB called as well.


Yes I did. The Button had been sitting there without playing a single hand for at least 42 orbits.

I knew the BB had some A-whatever shit, as I had clocked his short-stacked ass a couple times already, once with Kings in the hole from the SB, and another time with AK from the BB. Dipshit. Mr. Button was another story altogether, for it was blogger-extraordinaire-in-abstentia, King of the 24-Tabling Deuce, Yakshi. When a K came on the flop, I gave him credit and moved on. The cat plays less than 10%.

We chatted a bit. He noted that I must be taking a break from PLO (lol variance) and complimented me on this here daily thingy. He promised to return to his witty self when the economy improves. I promised to be less saccharine.

No I didn’t.

Good to see you again mate.


Memphis MOJO said...

Ya gotta know your customers.

What ever happened to Quincy Capers?

Crash said...

Have you ever seen his winnings graph. This link is not the best version of it, but you get the idea.

Crash said...

better version of graph

bastinptc said...

Mojo - His response to your question was "lol - That didn't last long."

C - Yeah. He's a nit wit, in a good way.

TenMile said...

Good hand.