Sunday, December 13, 2009

So far, yet

I don’t like social media, or rather, I don’t care for the site, the software as it is displayed, nor the constant attempts to monetize chit-chat. No, I am ambivalent, as I do appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with folks that would have otherwise remained off the edge of this flat planet.

With that said, the connection remains somewhat tenuous. I give my recent trip back to Illinois as evidence. Did I attempt to connect with anyone in the area? Aside from my friends M & B, and my favorite bartender in the whole wide world, no. Granted, I had a pretty full schedule, so I’m not feeling too guilty about it all.

Moving on.

My morning routine of a cup of coffee and firing up this here infernal machine brought a pleasant surprise from my friend Brian, one of the previously lost. It seems he was looking for one thing and found another. This:

I remember. Not much has changed, word-wise, which makes the remembering easier. The misspelling of “you’re” is troubling, but I probably have an excuse: that nag, urgency, pursuing my own, albeit more esoteric, Alger moment.

I could go on.

I have another memory of Brian. He saved the day with his graphic art abilities. I had never done a magazine layout before. I had the words and photos and knew not what to do with them. He made it look so easy…and good.

Thanks, Buddy.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Carbondale! It brings back memories.