Saturday, March 12, 2011

And when we return...

Man, I'm tired.

A couple nights ago after the Japan earthquake, I got it into my head to stay up all night to wait for whatever repercussions there would be for Hawaii. For good reason, I thought, with the kids there and all, so I had a cup of coffee at 2300h. Answers were predicted for 0500h my time, made it until 0400h, woke at 0600h to hear that very little made it past the shoreline, BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT, Oregon, Washington and California were next, A DIRECT SMACK FLAT UP AGAINST THE COAST... God, that weatherman looked serious drawing all kinds of crazy lines on his map. Dead serious. A direct gaze for several seconds into the camera as they cut to commercials. So seriously full of himself. I went back to sleep without a care.

Of course, things are totally fucked in Japan, but you knew that already, and I've never been one to belabor the obvious within these diodes, or whatever it is they're using these days to make it all shiny and cozy.  Yeah, cozy.

Because I'm exhausted. But I can't really blame it on the tectonic activity. Something else, maybe bad art combined with good conversation. Maybe just back to the television. So fucking inane. All of the news. Yeah, all of it.  All of them. But there I go again, stating the obvious.

Yeah, tired. Wish I never heard the word "deconstruction."

Hey, you know what's better than when you have great implied odds with a gutter ball and hit it against two flopped sets?

I'm going to go let the frogs sing me to sleep. Saw a big, swollen female making her way to the pond. At least they're having fun.

See what I did there? Tried to end on a halfway decent note. A bit of the pastoral and then all pissy again.

Here. Let me try again. That bare branch that cuts in from the left foreground of the picture. Love it.

Tree frogs and their small cousins here don't croak, so to speak. I'll take suggestions.


Josie said...

I hadn't seen the branch. Never would have seen it had you not mentioned it.

Must've been distracted by the vibrant colors.

Forrest Gump said...

Somewhere in the world we see nature moving slowly and unleashing its full hell and fury. And somewhere else, we see a little moss growing. Sooner or later, eventually that branch will be well covered.