Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another day of temperamental weather with an occasional deluge that had us checking the basement for seepage (none found). The sun did manage to come out for about 15 minutes, which gave a little kick to the temperature in the greenhouse and provided me some clearance to take care of the birds and dig up some mature garlic chives for transplanting. Our client emailed us last night that he was in desperate need of that plant as starts. We have tons. Yet, I didn’t have the gumption to take the next step and do the actual transplanting. It’s cold, wet work made more miserable with a wind blowing through the barn. Besides, I had some work to take care of in the house, so I didn’t need much encouragement to stay warm and dry in my dungeon.

I’m working on a cover letter and updating my CV with the hopes that since the writing jobs have dried up, I might be able to muster up a visiting artist or adjunct professor position at one of the several area colleges and universities. The CV is easy; the cover letter is a bit more daunting, first impressions and whatnot. The DW and I have been brainstorming ideas as to the best way to approach the letter, and I have even gone so far as to contact a former professor of mine for tips. I think we have a plan.

After a few hours of writing and researching the art programs, I needed a little break, ate a late lunch, and in that it was close to 3 o’clock, thought I’d see if I could take advantage of some tired and/or drunk Europeans on Stars. Well, the dealer must have figured I had kicked his dog or something along those lines, for I was pretty much card dead, and when I did have a hand that had some promise, the flop proved fickle. Limp or call and fold. I could feel a mood coming on, so I closed it down and opted to revisit the chives. A little fresh air, even if it is a bit on the cool side, always helps.

Two plants were enough for 36 transplants, plus a little left over for us to move into an new herb garden in a raised bed. When I dug these plants up I also brought up a lot of earthworms, a testament to the health and nutrient content of our soil. Several of these worms remained in the root ball and therefore now inhabit some of the pots that will be for sale. Note the little milking heater in the background: a feeble attempt to keep my hands from getting achy from the wet and cold. Yet, I'm glad to have this project done, for tomorrow I will dig up and transplant Tarragon.


Memphis MOJO said...

I bet you really like your new camera (thanks, DW!). After I click to enlarge, the details of the image are good.

bastinptc said...

Yes, the camera has given me new opportunities and flexibility I did not have before.

Crash said...

Yes, very clear. I have a Panasonic in the same class and don't get close to that clarity.

bastin, Your new plan will still include blogging?

Had a new passport photo taken today, so this is its inauguration!

bastinptc said...

Crash - Funny to see our photo portraits contrasted. I've been thinking about donating mine, so I may look more like you soon.

And yes, the blog isn't going anywhere, whatever I am doing for work. (Man, I'd give my eye teeth to do cover the WSOP for someone.)

Crash said...

You could donate the hair to ME! No, I know where yours is going. Besides, when DW talked me into cutting mine off, I had a great feeling of being free. I think she was trying for some sort of Samson and Delilah trick!

This pic of me is the first one in decades without me in glasses. R&R of 2 cataracts. Now I see 20/20 again.

Truly relieved you will continue your blog.

To sell yourself covering the WSOP, you need some sort of combo or special angle. EG=WSOP plus the daily life of a Vegas poker dealer. I am not creative, so that is probably a poor example. Other examples of selling writing are Cardgrrl spending a year at poker and the guy who ate nothing but MacDonald's for a month. And the guy who got an advance from a magazine to cover the WSOP, used the money to enter it and came in, I think, fifth. Wrote a book.

Memphis MOJO said...

He's going to continue his blog. He knows if he doesn't, we'll come up there and shoot him!