Thursday, April 23, 2009


The potatoes arrived today.

All Blue, Red Lasoda (your store variety red) and Canela (a russet)

I cut the biggest Red Lasodas so I will have more to plant. The cuts will dry (heal) before I plant the spuds in a couple weeks. If I cut them right before going into the ground, I run the risk of infections.

All Blues spread out to begin getting eyes.

Eyes are already starting to grow on the Blues and Red Lasoda. All-in-all, I imagine we'll have two 75-foot rows of All Blues (our favorites) and a row each of the red and russet. We should get about 100 pounds per row, plenty for us, and we'll share our friends.


Memphis MOJO said...

I wish I could watch you plant them. Maybe through your camera I will.

bastinptc said...

WATCH!?!? WATCH!?!? LOL. No, dear brother, you'd be out there doing it too! Watch... (shakes head) That's rich.

I shall endeavor to documant as best as I can. ;-)